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Production of new organic fertilizer

20. February 2012


  After five years of laboratory research and four years of testing various plants, this year Macedonia officially begins production of the fertilizer Bioflor, which substantially raises yields and is cheaper than the chemical preparations used in agriculture. The fertilizer has been made of organic substances being processed in the beds of the California worms and is expected to drive up considerably organic production in Macedonia. It has been proven that yields with the use of Bioflor increase by up to 60 percent in grain crops and three times in vegetables.

On foreign markets, the fertilizer will be offered as a Macedonian product with constant quality. The preparations of the Associations for Production of Bio-fertilizers for unifying production and packaging are drawing to a close. Bioflor reduces also the costs and the use of chemical substances for protection against diseases, mostly in fruit growing and vine-growing, which will help sell more easily Macedonian fruit and wine on foreign markets. As a result of the use of classical chemical substances, up to 2.5 cm of fertile soil is lost in the world annually.