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13. February 2017

After 7 successful ISWA Study Tours Waste-to-Energy with more than 130 participants from all over the world, ISWA is back with its 8th edition in June 2017.

In 2014, the average Malaysian produced around 800g of waste every day leading to an estimated total of 30,000 to 33,000 tonnes of produced waste.

It is no secret that solid waste production is one of the major environmental issues not only in Malaysia, but all over the world. Too often, however, solutions remain poor and awareness low or even non-existent.

In order to tackle waste management issues around the world, the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) regularly organizes Study Tours to share best-practice solutions and spread essential knowledge. This year (18 – 23 June 2017) the ISWA offers their 8th Study Tour, “Waste to Energy”, which takes the participants to 10 different energy recovery waste treatment plants and facilities in Alpine Germany and Austria with accompanying special seminars.

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