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Skidata launches subsidiary in Malaysia

16. July 2014

The Austrian company SKIDATA has launched their new SKIDATA subsidiary in Malaysia located in the middle of the Kuala Lumpur Technology Park on 14th May 2014.

During the opening ceremony SKIDATA gave a presentation on the setup & organization, e.g.

- Office infrastructure
- Demo and training facilities with latest SKIDATA technology
- Complete test environment acc. to installed base
- Local spare part and consumables stock
- Connected to SKIDATA VPN to utilize online services

SKIDATA shall act as operational hub to ASEAN countries from 2015 onwards.
Following speakers were present at the opening ceremony:

Mr. Robert Weiskopf
Chief Marketing Officer/Member of the Board, SKIDATA AG
Director, SKIDATA Malaysia

Mr. Stefan Schaffner
Senior Vice President Operations, SKIDATA AG

Mr. Mohd Jamil Salape
Service Manager, SKIDATA Malaysia

Mr. Thomas Paulik
General Manager, SKIDATA Malaysia

SKIDATA Malaysia’s General Manager, Mr. Thomas Paulik, on the question why Skidata has set up the office in Kuala Lumpur…..“We are here to rebuild SKIDATA’s reputation as provider of high quality, fully reliable, complete access management solutions and to be your sustainable partner for the future”…..