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Sweeping Success for Austria Five Winemakers from Burgenland Snap up Top Awards  

15. December 2009

Austrian wines conquer the world markets with high quality and unique tastes. This year again the sweet wines from Burgenland were utmost successful in an international wine competition. 
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For the third time, the international dessert wine competition
Concorso Internazionale di Vini Passiti was organized by the Accademia
della Muffa Nobile – the Italian “Botrytis Academy” – and this year’s
event proved outstandingly successful for Austria’s Burgenland sweet
wines. Out of the 585 dessert wines that were entered into the
competition – these wines hail from Italy, Australia, Austria, Canada,
France, Greece, Slovenia. South Africa and Switzerland – a total of
nine of the top ten winning wines are from Austria’s Burgenland! The
only non-Austrian wine in the top ten rankings, a Picolit from Friuli,
captured 5th place.

The top ranked wines were produced by five winemakers from around the
Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl): Erwin Tinhof in Eisenstadt; Franz Heiss
in Illmitz; Weingut Elfenhof in Rust; Hans & Christine Nittnaus in
Gols, and Martin Pasler in Jois.

All of the competition’s board members are from the ASPI (Associazione
della Sommellerie Professionale Italiana), the Italian Sommelier
Association, which is a part of the Association de la Sommellerie

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