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Signing of MoU between guo Business Development e.U. and Inai Bumi Sdn Bhd

22. November 2012

Collaboration to build a Bio Refinery demonstration plant

Friday, November 9 th, 2012, Guo Business Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Inai Bumi Sdn Bhd, a company engaged in manufacturing and sales of bio fuel and its related products of renewable energy.

Guo Business Development , carries out the modelling, integration for development into application and Technology & Know How licensing related to profitable usage of organic wastes via the downstream added value products from decomposition gas of organic wastes.

This collaboration shall lead to a realization of a bio Refinery demonstration plant (est. RM 35 to 45 millions) at a Center of Excellence, enabling further application developments for any kind of organic waste feedstock as well as direct use of the nCC process’ direct deliverables of the form nano carbon and Hydrogen as supplies to material processing or intermediaries for downstream refining processes other than bio benzene, bio diesel and bio wax, such as e.g. Ammonia, formic Acid, etc. This demo plant shall also target to serve as an education facility to
develop the necessary human capital for this latest state of the art bio-refining.

Nano Carbon could find its potential use such as in molecular electronics, molecular filtration, bio-medical application, structural materials, coatings and energy (battery cover).

Carbon-free Hydrogen may well be the next energy source for electric power train hybrids for public, private, natural resort, naval, indoor, etc mobility.