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Jelutong Sewage Treatment Plant Penang  

13. March 2008

Austrian waste water treatment expertise is famous all over the world. The Austrian company SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH contributed with their process technology to the success of this important Penang project.

The Jelutong Sewage Treatment Plant (JSTO) with an ultimate design capacity of 1,2 million population equivalent is one of the largest and most sophisticated STOs in Malaysia. A compact state-of-the-art sequencing batch reactor (SBR) activated sludge technology with anaerobic sludge digester and dewatering system has been adopted for this project due to restriction on land availability. The treatment facility is designed to generate effluent quality that i less than 20 mg/l BOD, 50 mg/l TTS and 10 mg/l of total ammonia nitrogen plus nitrate nitrogen with a limit of 5 mg/l ammonia nitrogen. The end product of 25% dry solids is suitable for land disposal. When completed, the Sewage Treatment Plant will be the largest compact multi-storey STP in Malaysia and a model of the state of the art design with full plant automation and control.

Process technology for JSTO was supplied by SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH, an environmental engineering specialist based in Salzburg/Austria together with their partners CWM Sdn Bhd and T & T Pacific Sdn Bhd.