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Austria – contributing to a cleaner world
Our efforts in the Kyoto-Protocol process

5. June 2007

Austria is sincerely committed to the emission reduction process under the Kyoto-Protocol and created its JI/CDM Program. Read more......

Protecting the environment has been a major policy target for many decades in Austria . Realizing its importance Austria co-signed the Kyoto-protocol and appointed Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) ( ) for the Joint Implementation (JI) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) program management on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment & Water Management .

The Austrian JI/CDM program ’s primary objective is the contribution to the achievement of the Austrian greenhouse gas reduction commitment by
- purchasing emission reduction credits generated by environmental projects, which lead to an avoidance or reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and
- funding of particular immaterial services required with respect to JI or CDM projects, such as baseline studies and validation.
Project owners can benefit from the additional revenue resulting from the sale of emission reduction credits generated by their projects. The following project types are particularly suitable under the Austrian program:
- construction or retrofitting of CHP plants
- fuel switch projects
- projects using renewable energy sources
- projects leading to the avoidance or energy recovery of landfill gas
- waste management measures resulting in the avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions
- projects leading to reductions in final energy consumption (energy efficiency measures)

The success of the four previous calls for projects under the program was astonishing. In total 37 contracts were signed which represent a total amount of 29 million tonnes of CO 2e for the Austrian JI/CDM Programme. Further 158 projects are in the pipeline.

Austria is proud to have already succeeded to sign its first contract in Malaysia for a biomass power plant.
Austria invites also other Malaysian companies and project developers to participate in its program. The 5th Call for projects  is open until 20 April 2008. Information and tender documents are available at the program’s web site.

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