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Wines from Austria  A new experience for Malaysians 

1. November 2007

Austria is for sure for many Malaysians a rather exotic wine country. But many started to appreciate its wines' individuality as new winemakers enter the market. For several weeks now, the grapes in Austria’s vineyards have been very diligently harvested. The results of good weather conditions this year: wonderfully aromatic white wine grapes, as well as red variety grapes  that promise attractive, piquant wines.

Austrian wine lovers can be found all over the world. With its unique grape varietals, its long history and national traditions it has evolved a wine culture unlike anywhere else in the world. Many Malaysian tourists to Austria know already the 'Heurigen', typical wine taverns like these in Grinzing, Vienna, where you can enjoy excellent wines, whites and reds alike, in cozy atmosphere and with very local food. Returning back to Malaysia they bring along their memories and tastes for Grüner Veltliner, Zweigelt or the sweet Eiswein.

But you do not have to travel so far to enjoy Austrian wines. Malaysians can find them already in restaurants and hotels or order them through the winemakers'  importers (see also under Available in Malaysia):

 -A & L Adventure & Leisure:
Vineyard Hillinger, Vineyard Hartl, Vineyard Netzl, Vineyard Pasler

 -Wine Cellar:
Vineyard  Kracher

 -Wize Flame:
Vineyard Figl-Ruby, Vineyard K & E Vogl, Vineyard Elfenhof, Vineyard Schierer

 -Luen Heng:
Vineyard Hoepler

And sales are picking up. 2005 Austrian wine was imported for only 45.000 Euro, 2006 the import volume grew by 59% to 72.000 Euro. Austrian Trade is confident that our winemakers found their niche in the Malaysian market and that this upward trend will continue.

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