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Austria Export 122/2007  Engineered Wood Products 

Austria Export 122
28. August 2007

Wood is becoming one of Austrias most important construction materials. Wood is now much more than a building material. Nearly four million hectares of forest grow in Austria , which is no less than 47.2 percent of the country’s surface area. More and more Austrian construction companies strive towards using wood. In 2006, the market volume for pre-fabricated housing units rose by 6.8 percent, to a total of 851 million Euros. The number of completed residential units increased by 3.2 percent, double the growth for residential construction as a whole.

Approximately 280,000 Austrians work in the wood industry or related industries. Wood is Austrias second most important source of foreign currency, right after tourism. The production value of the wood industry, which depends greatly on foreign trade, amounts to approximately six billion euros.
In the bilingual magazine "Austria Export 122/2007 - Engineered Wood Products", Austrian engineered wood products for a world-wide application are presented. In addition to general information about Austrian economic parameters, current industry-specific reports and detailed company representations, one can find a list of addresses of the entire wood industry. 
You are welcome to download an electronic version of the magazine using the related link on the left.