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2007 sees highest ever trade surplus of 2nd Republic 

European export champion climbing ladder © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


24. January 2008

Austria is the European champion for exports - an export plus of 49% for the period 2002-2006 is the largest growth of all EU-15 countries.

The Austrian export success story goes on and on - with a successful export balance for 2007 as well. Standing at 1.5 bn euros, Austrian exporters have achieved the highest ever trade surplus in the history of the 2nd Republic.

Export growth in 2007 was EUR 113.9 bn, or 9.8%. Export growth for 2008 is expected to be around 8%, yielding a significantly more positive trade surplus of 3 bn euros. For the period 2002 to 2006, Austria recorded export growth of 49%, making it Europe's export champion among the EU-15, along with Germany.   

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