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EURO 2008 Viennese water for football fans

glass of drinking water © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


28. March 2008

The quality of the Viennese drinking water is famous across the world. And during the EURO 2008 football championship, tens of thousands of fans from all over the world will also get the chance to savour it.

Wiener Wasserwerken (the Viennese waterworks) have developed brand new drinking fountains for major events - and their first outing will be for EURO 2008 in Vienna . Drinking water, the ideal thirst-quencher on hot days, will be available at no cost for football fans, both in and outside the fan zones. Ten of the three-metre-high fountains will be placed at "Hotspots" such as fan zones and stations for the duration of the championships, in addition to the existing 720 normal drinking fountains in Vienna . The new fountains are equipped with nozzles, which allow overheated fans to cool off under a gentle shower. Every drinking fountain provides cooling refreshment for up to 4,800 people per day.

You can see where the drinking fountains are situated on the digital map for EURO 2008 in Vienna (German only)