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Austria's direct investments break through the 100-billion-Euro barrier

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13. October 2008

The recently published 18th World Investment Report provides the latest developments in the field of direct investment. Employment figures are a particularly good indicator for judging the real economic significance of direct investments. 479,000 people worldwide work for companies who have Austrian shareholders.

According to the Austrian National Bank and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development , the value of foreign strategic shareholdings of Austrian companies amounted to EUR 80 bn at the turn of 2006/2007. The value of passive direct investments totalled EUR 84 bn. New investment of more than EUR 20 bn in 2007 meant that active and passive direct investments currently exceed the EUR-100-billion mark.

A third of Austrian direct investments are due to the regional headquarters of multinationals, while two thirds of investments come from "real Austrian" companies. The value of active direct investments accounts for 31.2%, with passive direct investments amounting to 32.8% of GNP. Austria is therefore well ahead of the worldwide average of 25%.

At the turn of the year 2006/07, almost 479,000 people (+10.9%) were working for companies abroad which have Austrian shareholders. 230,000 Austrians work for foreign-owned companies based in Austria (+7.6%). Record earnings of EUR 7.5 bn, generated by Austrian foreign subsidiaries in the year under review, deserve a particular mention.