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Imparting knowledge worldwide - education expertise from Austria

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2. August 2011

The market for education is growing rapidly all over the world. Austria has been committed to the export of education for some time and has a highly successful track record.

Emerging economies, growing demand for specific skills in various industry areas and life-long learning for employees are behind the steady growth in the global education market. Austria has been extending its international network of education institutes and services in order to make the most of the huge potential in this area.

A broad range of educational offers in subjects such as economics, administration, management, healthcare and medicine, art, culture, music, social affairs, construction and the environment, as well tourism are all available to customers worldwide. The education services are also extremely diverse, ranging from product training to individually tailored seminars, right through to international college courses. Austrian education providers – schools, training institutes, universities, graduate courses and education programmes as well as online offers – have reacted to the trend towards a knowledge-based society and contribute to the competitiveness of countries against the backdrop of increasingly complex markets.

Many export-focused providers also have education and training centres beyond Austria’s borders, enabling Austria’s high education standards and valuable knowhow to be spread across the globe. Austrian education providers have good global connections and many offer e-learning – an innovative solution for many customers all over the world.

More information on Austria’s education providers and details on “exporting education” can be found in the latest edition of FRESH VIEW (formerly Austria Export):

FRESH VIEW on education in Austria, Nr 146/2011

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