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 Sunflowers produce green electricity

18. April 2017

An Austrian photovoltaic system is conquering the world. It’s designed to look like a sunflower, and it is packed from top to bottom with innovative technology.

With its intelligent ‘all-in-one’ solar power plant (a global first), smartflower energy technology GmbH is one of the companies carrying the hopes of the entire industry. The smartflower is a photovoltaic system whose appearance and function is modelled on a sunflower. It consists of 12 ‘petals’ that open up in the morning to generate electricity and fold up again in the evening as the last rays of sunshine die away.

Its electricity yield of up to 6.000 kilowatt-hours more or less matches that of a 4 kW roof array, but the smartflower works more efficiently as it orientates itself perfectly towards the sun during the course of the day. The system is capable of covering the annual power requirements of the average family home and one version of the product that includes a battery even allows it to store green power within the household. The projected lifespan of the smartflower is at least 25 years.

The smartflower was developed and manufactured in Austria and some 1,000 units have been sold since 2014. The company’s most important export markets within Europe are France, Italy, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Further afield, smartflower is also present on the US market, and recently launched a joint venture with Boston-based company Energy Management in order to further expand in the US, Canada and the Caribbean.