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Avenam Links Int’l Ltd Wins The 2017 National Energy Globe Award Nigeria

Energy Globe
5. September 2017

National Energy Globe Award Nigeria

The ENERGY GLOBE Award was founded in 1999 by the Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann and is today one of the most prestigious environmental awards. The goal of the award is to present successful sustainable energy and environmental projects to a broad audience. 

The 2017 National Energy Globe Award for Nigeria was recently awarded to AVENAM Links Intl Ltd. for a private poultry farm project in Ogun State in which the company engineered and constructed a biogas plant which converts the poultry waste of the farm into 196 kwh of electricity per day. Additionally the plant produces liquid and solid organic fertilizer that is being used as well as sold by the client.

AVENAM Links is one of the leading renewable energy companies in Nigeria, incorporated to bring affordable biogas digester and generator technologies to Nigerians as well as providing a simple, cost effective solution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from abattoir, human and farm waste.