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Better staff management with Planery’s software

25. November 2019

Most companies depend on processes such as time-logging, duty rostering and holiday-planning. To work efficiently, systems like these need to be seamlessly coordinated – something that can eat significant amounts of management time. This is where Planery can save the day: the company’s management software has been providing a comprehensive HR management solution since 2017.

The catering, hotel and retail sectors in particular can benefit from Planery’s software, which looks after tasks from duty planning to time-logging and tallying, and also incorporates an employee communications tool.

In future versions, Planery also intends to automate things like duty rostering and staff allocation, using algorithms to optimise these important processes. Involving individual users is another central element of Planery’s approach: staff can for example, use the Planery app to download their latest rota and submit their own rota requests.

Planery helps small and medium size companies take the next step on the path to digitialisation, making HR processes both easier to coordinate and more transparent for staff.

Rooted in Upper Austria – used around the world: 2019 saw Upper Austria’s Export Center OÖ join forces for the second time with hub,ert, the Upper Austrian non-profits network, and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in search of the best international start-ups. From all the applications, 15 from Upper Austria won awards in the Hottest International Start-ups category.

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