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Legal requirement for winter tyres in Austria from 1st November 2008 



28. October 2008

From 1st November 2008 to 15th April 2009 winter tyres or snow chains must be used on routes with snow or ice.

From 1st November 2008 to 15th April 2009 the "winter equipment regulation for HGVs" (legal regulation for winter tyres or snow chains) comes into force again in Austria. This is a so-called "contingency winter tyre regulation" and means that all wheels must have winter tyres when there is snow, frozen mud, or ice on the roads. Snow chains offer an alternative to winter tyres, but they must be fixed to at least two drive wheels. However, these are only allowed when the road is completely, or almost completely, covered with snow or ice. If you're going on a longer journey with summer tyres, be sure to take snow chains in the boot of the car.

Driving in winter conditions without winter tyres risks a fine of EUR 35 - if other road users a considered to be at risk, there are fines of up to EUR 5000.