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Iron and Steel Products: from Austria to all over the world

Metals & Metalworking, Austria Export Nr 135 © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


18. August 2009

Austria’s metal industry offers a wide spectrum of products, machines and plants, enabling it to achieve a solid position on the international market. Austrian quality and reliability has gained worldwide acclaim in this segment.

Whether you’re looking for railtracks, steel tubing, rolled aluminium products for the automotive industry or the necessary plants and machinery to produce your own - Austria’s metals industry has the whole spectrum on offer. While other industry sectors have an average export rate of 59%, the markedly higher export share in the metals industry (70%) is an indicator of how sought after these top-quality products are worldwide.

The Austrian metal industry is a highly quality-oriented sector that develops products to the very latest cutting-edge standards. Companies in the metal industry make a significant contribution to the Austrian economy: they account for a fifth of total production value and a sixth of value generated by Austrian industry.

More information on the Austrian metal industry is available in the latest issue of “AustriaExport”:

Metals and Metalworking


Metals and Metalworking
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