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Austria is a world leader in environmental technology and renewable energy

Environmental Technology and Renewable Energy, Austria Export Nr 138 © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


17. December 2009

Austria's environmental technology companies are among the most sought after in the industry worldwide. And in Austria itself environmental technology and renewable energy are not just paid lip service. Renewable energy already accounts for around a quarter of consumption, making Austria a trailblazer in Europe.

In these times of climate change and a growing depletion of resources, demand for renewable technologies is rising steadily. The world market for Green Tech has already reached volumes of EUR 1.4 trillion, surpassing that for mechanical engineering. Austria’s environmental technology and energy industry enjoys worldwide demand, making a considerable contribution to sustainable growth and improvements to the environment in Austria and beyond.

In Austria renewable energy accounts for 23.4%, making it among the top four countries in Europe. Measured by the number of energy-efficient buildings per head, Austria even comes top worldwide. Environmental technology in this field has seen dynamic growth in Austria in recent years and there are 375 companies who deal exclusively with this topic. They generate such a high share of GNP that Austria takes second place worldwide in terms of environmental investment levels.

Environmental preservation and economic growth are not mutually exclusive for the environmental technology industry. Increasingly the combination between ecology and economy equals corporate opportunity – Austrian companies are already well on their way.

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Environmental technology and renewable energy