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Hardly a tunnel exists without Austrian expertise

Illuminated road tunnel ©


15. April 2010

Austria's tunnel builders are considered among the industry's finest worldwide. The high-ranking road and rail network in Austria alone encompasses over 400 tunnels.

Across the globe wherever you see a tunnel under construction, chances are that an Austrian company is involved. Austrian tunnel construction companies have an excellent worldwide reputation and are among the most in-demand groups in the industry.

In Austria itself there are well over 400 tunnels (on motorways, freeways and railways). The topography of Austria has led to a long tradition in tunnel construction. This played a role in the “New Austrian Tunnelling Method - NATM“, which was developed in Austria and has gained popularity worldwide thanks to its high cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Now almost one in two tunnels is constructed using this special method.

Examples of Austrian tunnel constructions in other countries include:

  • The New Delhi Airport Metro Express, the Singapore metro and the Gotthard Base Tunnel by ALPINE Bau GmbH ,
  • Tunnels on the Campina-Predal railway line in Romania by the Porr Group
  • Abdalajis East Tunnel on the Cordoba-Malaga rail line in Spain by Jäger Bau GmbH .

Leading educational institutes such as Montanuniversität Leoben and Graz University of Technology are ensuring that Austrian expertise in tunnelling remains in worldwide demand well into the future. The recently launched postgraduate course to become an “NATM Engineer” intends to cater to international interest.