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Free Market Road Show® 2014: 26 March to 12 May 2014

25. February 2014

Europe is at a crossroads. Multiple European economies are mired in recession while austerity measures are hampering critical investment in many countries.

The Free Market Road Show® will be touring Europe for the 7th time. There will be stops in a total of 30 cities in 2014 to discuss the following three questions in the run up to the EU elections in May:

  • Do we need to strengthen Brussels or national economies in order to steer Europe out of the crisis?
  • Is increasing Europe's competitiveness enough to be able to keep companies in Europe? How can we promote entrepreneurship?
  • How do the 28 EU member states intend to solve the major problems after the EU elections?

In addition, international experts will also be addressing other questions at this year’s Free Market Road Show® in the form of podium discussions with audience participation. The event is designed for representatives from the worlds of business, politics and academia with the goal of presenting and discussing alternative solutions.

The conferences will be held from 26 March to 12 May 2014 in 30 European cities .

For further information on the event and the chance to register online, please visit the website:

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