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Innovative buildings from Austria

8. September 2015

Austrian companies have a long-standing tradition and excellent reputation in planning, promoting and realising construction projects which are both innovative and sustainable.

Construction has undergone a radical change in the past 20 years. Nowadays innovative concepts like low-energy buildings are gaining ever more attention; providers and clients are focusing on passive houses, zero-energy buildings or plus-energy buildings. Construction is undergoing a process of transformation - from energy and technology through to people and the environment. There is demand for environmentally responsible construction incorporating all of the relevant aspects. The guiding principle involves understanding that economy, ecology and society are interwoven, complementary systems.

Using new technologies unlocks massive potential for savings and here Austrian business has a lot to offer. Sustainable construction is multifaceted and involves special planning, choosing the right materials, expert execution and the proper application of products. Austrian companies hold a leading position in these fields and have a long-standing tradition and an excellent reputation.

All of this results in innovative, sustainable architecture projects, of which 50 are presented annually in a brochure. Exceptional architecture is a must to make the grade, as the brochure proves:

50 innovative buildings of Austria 2015 [pdf, 7,868.0kb]