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Free Market Road Show® 2016: 7 March to 27 May 2016

8. February 2016

‘A Time for Change in Europe’ is just one of the topics of this year’s Free Market Road Show®. The programme explores new trends, such as the rise of the sharing economy and recent attempts to harmonise tax law at a European and/or international level, while also addressing the high youth unemployment that is a feature of some areas.

The Free Market Road Show® is about to begin its ninth tour through Europe, the Caucasus and Israel, and the following topics will be debated in no fewer than 45 cities during 2016:

  • Taxes (EU tax harmonisation, BEPS, FATCA and tax havens)
  • A Time for Change in Europe (jobs, entrepreneurship, the sharing economy and the citizens of Europe)
  • In addition, each conference will devote time to the most pressing problems in its host country

This year’s Free Market Road Show® will see international experts broaching these and other questions in a series of panel discussions with questions and contributions from the audience. The conference welcomes delegates from the fields of business, politics and academia and aims to present and discuss alternative solutions to current issues.

Further information about the event (including online registration) is available from the Road Show’s website at: