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Organic food from Austria

28. June 2016

Austria is one of the top producers of organically grown food, and the companies operating in this sector enjoy an excellent reputation that extends far beyond the country’s borders.

Organic farming has a long tradition in Austria, with the first domestic biodynamic farmer being officially registered as early as 1920. While there were only about 400 organic farmers supplying the first health food shops in the 1980s, things developed rapidly in the 1990s as domestic supermarket chains started to stock their shelves with organic produce. This made it easier to balance supply and demand and allowed organic farmers to source reliable long-term purchasers. The outcome of this ambitious experiment was that within just a few years every retail chain in Austria featured its own range of branded organic goods.

The marketing of organic produce was given an additional boost by the foundation of AMA Marketing in 1995, and more and more people are now making a conscious decision to buy products grown organically. Nearly one fifth of Austria’s total arable land is now farmed organically, with approximately 21,000 organic farmers in the country using environmentally sustainable methods to grow natural produce.

The high-quality produce grown by Austrian food producers has enjoyed an established niche in global markets for many years now. The fierce competition in the small domestic market ensures that Austrian exports can hold their own anywhere in the world.

You can find out more about organic food from Austria and its producers in the latest edition of FRESH VIEW, the trade magazine:FRESH VIEW Organic Food, No. 158/2016 [pdf, 11,477.9kb]

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