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Global demand for transport infrastructure from Austria

19. January 2017

Austria is a leading provider of traffic and mobility solutions, and Austrian companies enjoy an outstanding international reputation in this area.

The best possible infrastructure and functioning transport technology are key to both a country’s quality of life and its suitability as a business location. Austrian providers are meeting the challenges of the future with innovative solutions in the field of transport technology, accelerating new developments and putting their weight behind new collaborations.

Austria’s companies take a particular interest in innovations in transport technology (road, rail, water, construction, safety, intelligent transportation systems/ITS and automation, noise prevention), as tech is central to solving the environmental and transport problems of the future. From traditional family firms to innovative new entrants, Austria’s many providers in this sector are really making a name for themselves on the international stage, where their expertise in transport, information technology, consultancy and engineering is in high demand.

You can find out more about Austrian providers in the transport infrastructure sector in the latest edition of FRESH VIEW, a joint initiative of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and Austria’s Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology:

FRESH VIEW on Traffic Infrastructure, No. 159 [pdf, 9,758.4kb]