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Security and defence technologies from Austria are creating a better world

5. June 2018

Austrian companies in the civilian and military sectors are leading the world with their innovative technologies and skills, which enjoy a global reputation.

Developments in global current affairs, international terrorism, cross-border cyber criminality and conflict both in civil wars and further afield are presenting the authorities concerned with security and defence with ever greater challenges.

In response to the demand that this has created, Austria’s companies in the security and defence sectors have been marketing a wide range of products, services, technology and expertise, including vehicles and equipment, weapons, munitions and personal defence kit, not to mention information, communications and cyber technology. Austrian companies enjoy an international reputation for their expertise in all these fields.

Austria has more than 100 companies in the security and defence industry, with some 32,000 employees generating an annual turnover of approximately EUR 2.5 billion and an export quota of more than 90%. The majority of these firms manufacture dual-use products that can be employed in the civilian and military sectors alike. With their ability to create innovative, bespoke solutions, the Austrian enterprises in the sector base their global competitive edge on taking the technological lead, paying attention to customers’ needs and ensuring the highest quality.

Find out more about Austrian service provides in the security & defence sector in the latest edition of FRESH VIEW: 

FRESH VIEW on Security and Defence, Nr.163 [pdf, 13,915.9kb]