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Working together through the Corona crisis

24. March 2020

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is right by your side, even in challenging times: in foreign trade, reliable partners are almost as important as good products.

The Corona crisis will be occupying us all for weeks to come. Given the unpredictability of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the global situation has currently become extremely tense, and the crisis has clearly left its mark on Austria as well.

The top priority of the Austrian federal government is to protect the health of all those living in Austria and, to achieve this, the spread of the virus must be slowed as soon as possible. Social and economic restrictions, painful border closures and significant limitations upon international commercial relationships and social life are as much on the agenda in Austria as they are in other countries.

The global economic situation is highly unpredictable and is placing a lasting burden on national budgets, the economic climate, stock markets and manufacturing. Supply chains have already been partially disrupted. Maintaining the exchange of goods across national borders will be possible only with great effort; international tourism has been hamstrung, and meetings, conferences, trade fairs and other B2B activities around the world have been postponed, cancelled or significantly scaled back.

The Corona crisis is ubiquitous and everyone’s main topic of conversation. All our lives have now been turned upside down, we are all in the same boat and we have all been severely affected. That’s why ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is, more than ever, ready to support Austrian companies and their subsidiaries (not to mention their stakeholders and business partners, of course), offering help and advice in these difficult times. You need clear information, assistance and support – and we are here to help you!

In turbulent times, we the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA team are the ultimate reliable partner, providing you with help and support for all your business in and with Austria – working together for a shared future. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!