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Vienna is the world’s greenest city

15. July 2020

Vienna has been voted number one in the world’s 10 greenest cities 2020 rankings.

A league table of the world’s greenest cities has been drawn up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year. The rankings were based on the World’s Best Cities Report , which is regularly published by Resonance, a Canadian-American consulting agency.

The Greenest Cities rankings take each conurbation’s proportion of green space into consideration and compare a wide range of different sustainable categories, including

  • Public transport network
  • Pedestrian-friendly paths and access
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Refuse sorting and recycling
  • Water consumption
  • Markets with regional produce

The final rankings of the world’s 10 greenest cities saw Vienna take top place this year, followed by Munich, Berlin and Madrid.

More than 800 parks and green spaces, the Vienna Woods, the Danube island (Donauinsel), and a host of sports fields, golf courses, orchards, and vineyards make up the city’s ’lungs’, and these help to combat the urban ’heat island’ effect, which is aggravated by climate change. Not only do these resources provide ample opportunity for countless outdoor leisure activities, they also have a considerable influence on the quality of life and the purity of the air in Vienna. 150 building facades are due to be covered with so-called green walls over the next few years to showcase the city’s urban cooling project.

The Smart City of Vienna is thus justly considered a role model for other big cities as far as its sustainable, green future is concerned, and it will continue to expand its natural spaces and leisure facilities to ensure quality of life in an expanding metropolis.

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15. July 2020