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Meet Arne Skog, CEO and founder of Domaine Wines

21. December 2016

A Swede with a special passion for Austrian wine

A small description of yourself. How long have you been working with Austrian wines and with the Austrian wine-yard Leth?

I founded Domaine Wines in 1998 after having worked within the business for about ten years. I have worked with wine and other drinks throughout my entire professional life, actually a little longer since I worked as a bar-tender besides my studies in Uppsala.

I started working with Leth more than ten years ago, first on a very small scale. But after a few years only we sold already more than 100 000 bottles, nowadays exceeding 400 000 bottles per year on the Swedish market.


How do you think the future looks like for Austrian wines in Sweden?

We see a very bright future for Austrian wines, though with tough competition. We have to compete with wines from all over the world. Yet, especially the unique taste of Grüner Veltliner functions very well on the Swedish market and has become a favorite with consumers and the media.


It seems as Austrian wines have gained in popularity throughout the last years. Do you agree? Why do you think is that the case?

The reason is easy to determine and spells “Leth”. Leth´s wines stand for the whole increase of Austrian wines, we have a market share of 50% today and Leth’s popularity and reasonable prices are definitely the reasons for that.


What characterizes and distinguishes Austrian wines from wines from other countries?

The Grüner Veltliner grape is special and unique in particular when cultivated in loess soil. That gives the wine an exceptional mineral quality and fullness.


How come that Leth’s wines have become so popular in Sweden?

Some very good vineyards, amongst them the Leth, have established themselves on the Swedish market. When Swedish consumers like a wine, Systembolaget will keep it on their shelves so that even more consumers will  spot it with time.


Why did just Leth win the Gyllene Glaset 2016 award?

The reasoning reads as follows: “Because the estate consequently delivered well-produced and personal wines for many years at reasonable prices and at the same time spiced their assortment with characteristic vineyard wines.”


Is there something special to bear in mind when trading with Austrian wines, e.g. cultural differences compared to Germany?

The well established relation with our Austrian wine supplier is solid and has deepened over the many years. On a professional level we value the correctness and preciseness, which counts for Austria as well as for Germany which we also work with. On general terms it is very easy and smooth to work with wine producers from Austria.


What do you like to do and see when you are in Austria?

I love Vienna and my family and I have been there for a couple of times already. I also appreciate the Austrian countryside and it’s hospitality a lot.


What would you recommend to eat and drink while in Austria?

I certainly I recommend Cordon Bleu which is the perfect match for a good glass of Grüner Veltliner, but I can also highly recommend the modern Austrian cuisine.


Do you have any wine recommendations for Christmas?

Leth’s Family Reserve! It is a premium wine that was released at Systembolaget just this year. The wine convinces with its moisture and spiciness which matches very well with seafood and salmon dishes, for example a fishstew with saffron. You can find the wine on Systembolaget’s shelves for 119 SEK (article no. 76570).