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17. July 2014

Daddy’s plea on social media saves Markus (7)

Austrian company PEZ supports a boy with a rare neurodevelopmental disorder.
Markus, a boy from Vøyenenga near Oslo, Norway suffers from Williams-syndrome. A symptom of this disease is the total lack of interest in food and also problems with food intake in general, thus confronting his parents with a major challenge when trying to motivate their son. Coincidently they discovered Markus´s overwhelming enthusiasm for a sweet named “Hello Kitty Fizzy Hearts” made by Austrian company PEZ, which he eats without any assistance. “Hello Kitty Fizzy Hearts” have become the dominant, yet only motivator for Markus. Since he also loves the packaging he is totally hooked with them and refuses to accept any other products, no matter how similar they might be.
However after a number of years production came to an end, leaving Markus´s parents in a desperate situation. A plea for new supplies via social media showed results however, also bringing the story to the Austrian maker. Although production of “Hello Kitty Fizzy Hearts” had already been stopped, PEZ agreed to do a run of this product especially for Markus.
Norwegian daily Dagbladet was not shy of prominently putting this wonderful story on their web-site .