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Energy Globe Award 2015

25. May 2015

Criminologist wins Energy Globe Award Norway - New aspects of sustainability

During a vivid ceremony Albrecht Zimburg, Austria´s Commercial Counsellor, presented the Energy Globe Award 2015 in the premises of the Austrian Embassy in Oslo on 21 May.

The sustainable use of resources does not always mean solar-power, water and biomass only. The proof is the work of amiable Norwegian Ragnhild Sollund, professor at the Institute of Criminology at the University of Oslo. Professor Sollund analyzes the impact of the illegal trade in animals which entails threat to species, loss of biodiversity and the collapse of ecosystems. She studies the multifarious motivations which lead people to engage in wildlife trafficking, how the enforcement of international treaty CITES works in practice, and the serious consequences for masses of animals that are killed or traded annually. At the same time she strives to develop incentives that counteract these trends, and analyzes the significance and possible shortcomings of the current legal situation.

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