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Austrian InnoWaggons as backbone of the Swedish timber industry

4. March 2020

Innofreight’s solutions help to incentivise the transportation of wood on rail

Sweden is by far the biggest round timber producer in the European Union. About 30 % of all trees that were felled in the Union once grew in the northern forests of Sweden or Finland. These enormous quantities require appropriate solutions to efficiently haul felled timber to locations where they can be processed. While lorries need to become bigger and bigger the Austrian company Innofreight Solutions GmbH provides a smartly designed container system to make transports on rail even more competitive and by the way also much more convenient for the operator.  

During the last years Innofreight successfully developed new railway waggons to meet the specific needs of the forest industry in the far north. Since 2017 the timber trains of Hector Rail which supply the production plants of Swedens biggest woodworking company SCA (Svenska Cellulosa AB) consist of Innofreight´s extra light InnoWaggons. Equipped with a high performance stanchion system every 90ft-double waggon can carry up to 141 tons or 220 m³ of lumber  . This combination allows transporting approximately 25 % more round timber per train. By making tension belts redundant even the process of loading and unloading was simplified. To the present day 166 of these GigaWood waggons have been delivered to serve Sweden’s forestry.  

Holzplatz © Innofreight Solutions GmbH

© Innofreight Solutions GmbH

But not all roundwood that is delivered by 2400 m³-trains leaves the sawmill as construction timber. About 10 % of the annual timber harvest is used for the purpose of being burnt in power and heating plants. To efficiently supply two of Sweden’s biggest power and heating plants, Värtaverket in Stockholm and Igelstaverket in Södertälje, with wood chips Innofreight has developed a new container type. By exhausting the Swedish rail profile, the loading volume per container was increased by about 25 % compared with the regular WoodTainers.  

The success of this new SCANMAX waggon type in particular and Innofreight´s strategy of providing innovative transport solutions for the individual needs of large businesses in general is obvious.  The numbers speak for themselves: 270 WoodTainer waggons of the SCANMAX class and 424 of the regular XXL class are already moving across Swedish rails day by day.  

Located in Piteå the team of Innofreight Scandinavia takes care of customers in Sweden, Finland and Norway. No matter whether the task is to haul newly felled round timber to saw- and papermills or to supply power and heating plants with sustainable wooden fuels, Innofreight has developed the adequate transport solutions that guarantee efficient deliveries. By providing sophisticated waggons and perfectly adjusted unloading facilities Innofreight not only helps to cut costs, but also contributes to increase the attractiveness of climate friendly rail transport. 

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