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Lumitech’s PI-LED Technology enlightens Norwegian pupils

19. November 2015

Kongsgardmoen school benefits from innovative light solutions

Innovativ Kongsgardmoen school opened its doors in Kongsberg, Norway in August 2015. About 230 pupils were welcomed by a highly modern environment part of which is Human Centric Lightning. Glamox being responsible for the installation of illumination equipment opted for the innovative PI-LED Technology by Austrian lighting-pioneer Lumitech.  

The core of the project was the implementation of “tunable white”-light in all classrooms. The LED-light sources can be adjusted from “warm white” to “cold white”, depending on what the purpose and goal of a lesson should be. Whereas “cold white” supports short-termed concentration and the student’s attention, “warm white” creates a relaxed ambience, perfect for story-telling for example. All settings can be regulated by the teacher; he or she can also revert to a standard setting called “neutral white”, which is a good working-light. The right use of this technology can also affect the biological rhythm of humans, helping them to get active and stay concentrated especially in the morning and during the day as well as get sleepy in the evening.   

All units are modular LED-lights, which can change the light colour through pre-defined or manual settings. The light’s colour rendering is exceptionally high (Ra> 90), way higher than the minimum requirements for schools.