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World Record empowered by Pipelife

12. April 2019

3.3 kilometers of piping travelling the sea from Norway to Malaysia

Pipe manufacturer Pipelife has set a world record towing over 3.3 kilometres of pipe from Stathelle in Norway to Malaysia. The long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipe delivery to a major power plant was towed by a tugboat for unrivalled 27,720 kilometres. The six times 550-meter-long high-density PE-pipes having an external diameter of 2.5 meters travelled down the west coast of Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope, and then across the Indian Ocean. It took a total of 188 days to complete the journey.

This is a new and solid record for pipe-towing, in the process of approval by Guinness Book of Records. Pipelife Norway also set the previous record upon conducting a similar delivery to Uruguay in 2016. That distance was, however, only about half the length of the journey to Malaysia.

Apart from serving power plants, Pipelife’s LLLD Pipes are to be found in a variety of offshore and near shore applications such as desalination, water supply, wastewater and pipe protection (e.g. oil, electro). The pipes can be produced to a length of 600 meters – that is 220 meters longer than the Empire State Building is tall.

Trygve Johan Blomster, Export Manager with Pipelife Norway, can also share the following impressive figures: “We have performed more than 150 international tows since 1995. We started in the 1960s with towing pipes in Scandinavia. England, South Africa and Northern Africa came next. In 1998, we crossed The Atlantic Ocean and made it to Brazil. The tow to Malaysia shows how Asia and the Middle East can benefit from our high-performance products,” says Blomster. “Our clients have good reason to trust that their deliveries of this many kilometres of pipe arrive safely on the other side of the globe. Other suppliers may claim they can do it, but only we have actually done it this often and for such a long time.” adds Ilija Radeljic, Technical Manager of the export department.

The Norwegian delivery is also a winner when it comes to installation and climate. The long pipe lengths reduce handling and welding considerably. “The pipes float and require minimal engine power. It enables a towboat to transport many pipes at once. By comparison, the pipe delivery to Malaysia would have taken 185 fully-loaded trucks with 18-meter-long pipes.” says Radeljic.

Pipelife is subsidiary of the Austrian Wienerberger AG.