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Innovation from Austria: Economic – Ecologic – Ergonomic - Track construction machines 

18. March 2019

HTW 100 E³: A motor tower car with battery only option

The hybrid motor tower car HTW 100 E³ operates emission-free and quietly, whether in tunnels or densely built-up urban areas. The electric drive is using the latest battery technology, which reduces noise and CO2 emissions.

A battery offers many advantages. For example, if the overhead contact line is de-energized, the construction vehicle still can move quietly and without producing any emissions. The technology has now reached the point, where Plasser & Theurer is able to build a 71-tonne motor tower car whose working functions can be operated solely by a rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for at least 12 hours, for example two 6 hour shifts. In tests, the battery even lasted 14 hours (after 14 hours the battery still held a 20% charge).

Electric energy is generated while driving, unless the "full power" of the diesel is needed for the fastest ride possible. As soon as the HTW100 E³ brakes, the recovered recuperation energy is being stored. The third option is charging the accumulator via a conventional power cable.

After reaching ist work site the machine works 100% electrically. It not only works emission-free, but also very quietly. Sophisticated, intelligent thermal management in combination with an outdoor air heat pump ensures that the hybrid motor tower car can operate purely electrically even in the event of adverse weather conditions. This was tested at -20 and +40 degrees Celsius. Also, if the work requires more than two 6-hour shifts, another battery rack can be added. So even three 6 hour work shifts are possible.

The HTW100 E³ convinces not only by its quiet and emission-free hybrid drive, but also by its versatile features. In addition to a three column lift with a long range and two side baskets, this includes two soundproof and heat-insulated cabins. Moreover, there is a total of eight seats, air conditioning, a social area with a table and seating, a kitchenette, storage space and a toilet. For working “on the road” there is also a soundproofed workshop room.

The HTW100 E³ is 18.84 meters long, 3.14 meters wide and 4.62 meters high. The electric motor produces 480 kilowatts.