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Innovation from Norway: automatic express customs clearance

12. June 2019

Customs Authority develops digital clearance system

The project "Express customs clearance" is a pilot program that aims to optimize and completely digitize border customs clearance. All relevant information on goods and vehicles is transferred electronically via API or Web to the customs administration which processes the data in order to release the goods electronically. Since September 2018, companies within the sector have been able to test the pilot program at Customs Office Ørje (E 18). So far, 700 passages have already been registered. In the course of 2019, the introduction of express customs clearance is even planned at the customs office Svinesund (E 6).

zoll © Tolletaten

© Tolletaten

The experimental trials currently cover the handling of road freight traffic. All other means of transport, such as aircraft and ship, are supposed to follow.

Freight traffic to Norway and the high share of road freight transport have increased considerably in the past years. This in term causes an increased need for resources at the customs administration plus a higher pressure on the infrastructure of the customs offices.

The project was initiated due to the need to review the administrative procedures of the Norwegian customs administration at import and export. By offering a digital pre-border information solution, express customs clearance contributes to a more efficient movement of goods. At the same time customs administration gets a much better overview about the goods moved across the border. 

The results so far are positive. Most of the vehicles that were part of the pilot project crossed the border without having to stop, so customs officials could spend less time on customs paper processing.

Further information and a video on express customs clearance can be found on the homepage of the Norwegian customs.

If you want to know more about this project, please contact the AußenwirtschaftCenter Stockholm
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zoll © Tolletaten

© Tolletaten