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Austrian Observership Program with Omani participation

The Medical University of Graz offers physicians and students from around the world the opportunity to observe Austrian physicians when they are engaged in clinical work.

This medical training or clinical elective provides insight into the day-to-day responsibilities of their doctors in their respective specialties. Each participant of the clinical training (no hands-on) will be matched with a faculty member who will serve as their mentor during the observership.

The program gives international medical graduates and medical students an insight into the Austrian medical system as well as to provide a clinical experience by observing our doctors.

The Medical University Graz is committed to high quality and therefore asks all participants to give some feedback through an anonymous online-questionnaire after successful completion of their stay. Over 90% said they would come again for an observership.

A number of Omani medical students participate in this program each year. Above that, a bilateral agreement between Medical University of Graz and Sultan Qaboos University allows students of both universities to gain valuable international experience and to learn from a different health care system.