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Austria among the EU Top 3 for export growth

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13. September 2007

In the first half of 2007 Austrian exports climbed to new highs, up 10.3% on last year. The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber predicts end-of-year export growth in double figures and a positive trade balance.

The export performance of Austrian companies is not only the driving force of the domestic economy, but also among the most dynamic in the whole of the EU. Austrian exports in the first six months are up 10.3% on last year's figures, to EUR 55.6bn. In the same period imports rose by 7.7% to EUR 54.6bn. For the fiscal year 2007, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber predicts an export growth rate in double figures and a positive trade balance. Within the EU Austria has climbed to third place for export growth, just behind the export nations Germany and Italy. In the first half yearAustria achieved above average growth in 
Europe (10.9%), Africa (26.4%), Asia (14.1%), the Euro zone (10.7%) and Eastern Europe (18.2%). The export increase with Austria's most important trade partners - Germany (10.9%) and Italy (10.7%) - are well above the world average.