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Exports to the Czech Republic cross 4 billion euro mark

Euro notes © Dorn-Fussenegger

© Dorn-Fussenegger

8. April 2008

Austria increased its exports to the Czech Republic by 18.3%. Austria has a positive trade balance with the Czech Republic for the first time since 2003.

Austria's goods trade with the Czech Republic is booming. Last year Austrian exports rose by 18.3%, breaking through the 4-million-euro barrier for the first time. The last export rise of this magnitude took place ten years ago.  

As Austrian exports of goods to the Czech Republic are markedly higher than imports (+8.5%), the trade balance enjoyed a turn around, making this the first time since 2003 that Austria has reported a positive trade balance with the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is now the most important trade partner in eastern Europe (Hungary held the spot until last year) and is the 6th biggest trade partner worldwide after Germany, Italy, USA, Switzerland and France.