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ABA-Invest in Austria:  2008 is best year in the company's history

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23. April 2009

Austrian location consulting company, ABA-Invest in Austria, provided services to 256 international investors last year, making it a record year for the firm. Despite the economic slump, ABA-Invest in Austria is still generally optimistic about 2009.

The consulting agency for the business location Austria, ABA-Invest in Austria , managed to improve still further against the record year in 2007, with 2008 seeing a further rise of 27% to a total of 256 companies moving their business operations to Austria. There were also significant rises in two other parameters used to measure success: the number of new jobs in Austria created by relocations to Austria rose by 17% against the previous year to 2,442 and the total investment value of EUR 425.86 million was 8% higher than in 2007 (EUR 394 million).

Germany was the strongest country in terms of investment, with 106 companies relocating to Austria and an investment total of around EUR 161 million, followed by Italy with 23. One noticeable trend was the increased interest from investors from the CEE region, with a total of 41 investment projects.

Another pleasing factor was the rise in manufacturing companies moving to Austria (23) and companies conducting their research and development activities in Austria (13), validating the campaign begun in 2008 to promote Austria as a top R&D location. 18 new head offices show that demand for Austria as a location for corporate headquarters remains high.

According to ABA’s Managing Director, René Siegl, the outlook for 2009 is mixed: on the one hand, foreign investment is particularly sensitive to economic trends. On the other, ABA currently has 672 ongoing investment projects - including the major project, the Google data centre in Kronsdorf - all adding up to a historical high.