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Better therapy options for stroke patients

23. January 2019

In addition to its EMG bio-feedback armbands, manufactures virtual/augmented reality devices for rehabilitating stroke patients. The software has been developed to create a wider variety of improved therapy sessions, ensuring a speedier, more efficient and more pleasant convalescence.

Strokes are unfortunately all too common and the resulting healing process is often a long one. rewellio (previously known as was founded in 2017 with the aim of making rehabilitation of stroke victims quicker and easier. Georg Teufl, one of the firm’s three founders, is himself a qualified physiotherapist, and he and his team have developed a solution that promises improved stroke therapy.

Rehabilitating hand function is a recurrent problem in patients’ healing process and not being able to use their hands is a great restriction on stroke victims’ quality of life. Patients can make use of a virtual reality headset and the rewellio software to see animated, movable hands instead of their own paralysed limbs; this virtual sleight-of-hand stimulates the brain and promotes the healing process. Special EMG bio-feedback armbands are also used to investigate electrical activity in the muscles.

rewellio’s ultimate aim is to become a rehabilitation platform for neurology cases and to provide therapy support for as many patients as possible.

Based in Upper Austria and used around the world is the title chosen by the OÖ (Upper Austria) Export Center for the project it has launched in conjunction with the ‘Gründen’ online platform and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA to find the best international start-ups, and 21 of the hottest international start-ups from Upper Austria have been selected from all the applications to win awards.

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23. January 2019