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Natural bone surgery with no metal

16. January 2019

surgebright is a tissue bank that uses donated human bone tissue to carefully create transplant material that can replace synthetic devices made of metal or plastic. This prevents complications and speeds up the healing process for patients.

Metal screws are usually used to stabilise bones in operations to treat complicated breaks and fractures. However, once the healing process is completed, these become superfluous to requirements and have to be removed again. A desire to spare the patient the process of removing this metal has spawned the idea of replacing the usual screws made of titanium or steel with connectors made of donated human bone tissue.

The surgebright company was founded to turn this idea into reality: biointelligent fixing systems are manufactured from donated human bone tissue and then used in osteosynthetic procedures in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. The decisive advantage here is that human bone tissue will be accepted by the body and assimilated into the body’s own skeleton. Removal of the implanted structure is thus no longer necessary and the patient is spared any further pain.

Surgebright’s product has made a patient-orientated and sustainable solution available to society at large; no wonder 27 clinics in Austria are already offering this natural form of osteopathic surgery.

Based in Upper Austria and used around the world is the title chosen by the OÖ (Upper Austria) Export Center for the project it has launched in conjunction with the ‘Gründen’ online platform and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA to find the best international start-ups, and 21 of the hottest international start-ups from Upper Austria have been selected from all the applications to win awards. 

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