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An Evening of Austrian Cheese

3. June 2020

 Photo of the Austrian Commercial Counsellor, Dr. Walter Hoefle with the staff of Austrian Embassy - Commercial Section and Hon. Christian Traweger, Philippine Honorary Consul for Tyrol and Vorarlberg 

It was a wonderful gathering of cheese connoisseurs as they enjoy the taste of Austria with its traditional farmhouse cheeses from the western provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, including some Austrian wines last 03 October 2007.  The Austrian Embassy-Commercial Section and Hon. Christian Traweger organized the event in cooperation with the Cheese Club of the Philippines. 

There was total of 21 cheeses imported from Vorarlberg and Tyrol.  Some of the cheeses featured from Vorarlberg were Vorarlberger Bergkäse, Buggelhuber, Most-Pfeffer, Mönchköpfe, amongst others.  From Tyrol, everyone enjoyed Tiroler Felsenkeller, Feiner Tiroler, Milder Inntaler, Tiroler Bio Bergkäse, Zillertaler Graukäse, Kaiser Max, among others.  

The Austrian wines featured were Gruner Veltlilner Terrassen Steinfeder, Riesling Kamptaler Terrassen,