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Facts and Figures

Renewable energies are the economic engine of the future worldwide. Here you can find selected data on Austria’s renewable energy sector.

Biomass, solar and heat pump sector

Biogenic fuel sector 2018 
Fulltime jobsapprox. 17,981
Total revenue (in Euro)1.6 bn
Reduction of CO2-emission achieved due to the use of biogenic fuels in Austria (in metric tons)approx. 9.9 m
Biomass heating systems (boilers and furnaces) 2018 
Fulltime jobsapprox.3,402
Total revenue (in Euro)820 m
Export quotaapprox. 80 %
Photovoltaic sector 2018 
Fulltime jobsapprox.2,478
Reduction of CO2-emission achieved due to the use of photovoltaic technology in Austria (in metric tons)509,356
Solar thermal sector 2018 
Fulltime jobsapprox. 1,400
Total revenue (in Euro)approx. 164 m
Export quota81 %
Reduction of CO2-emission achieved due to the use of solar collectors in Austria (in metric tons)425,434
Source: Innovative energy technologies in Austria. Market development 2018. Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Heat pump sector 2018 
Fulltime jobsapprox. 1,469
Total revenue (in Euro)approx. 601 m
Export quotaapprox. 33.9 %
Reduction of CO2-emission achieved due to the use of heat pumps in Austria (in metric tons)638,000


Expansion of hydropower in Austria: approx. 60 - 70%

Wind energy 2018

1,313 wind power plants with an output of 3,045 MW are currently feeding power into the public grid. These wind engines generate around 7 bn kilowatt hours electrical power (yearly) – enough to supply 1.9 million households with electricity.

Source: Austrian Wind Energy Association

Other data

Share of renewable energy in inland consumption in 2018: 31.0 %
Planned share of renewable energy sources in Austria by 2020: 34 %

Source: Austrian Energy Agency - Statistics Austria