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Building bridges in the Philippines

Waagner-Biro has completed Calaba bridge in the Philippines – the longest modular bridge that the firm has ever constructed. This project is just one of many, with the Austrian flagship company having already been involved in planning an incredible 437 bridges in the Philippines.

Waagner-Biró is the world leader in steel and glass engineering, bridge construction, stage technology and special machinery construction. The Austrian company specialises in planning, developing and implementing tailor-made solutions for complex requirements. For almost 160 years, the company has been operating in the bridge construction sector and has since carried out more than 4000 bridge projects.

At the end of the 1990s, the firm set up its Philippine branch – Waagner-Biro Philippines, Inc. (WBPI), which has in total designed an astonishing 437 bridges in the Philippines, having also built many of them itself. This equates to an unbelievable 21,555 m of bridge. Waagner-Biró's comprehensive knowledge and high level of technical expertise in implementing complex bridge systems were pivotal in acquiring the contract.

Calaba bridge is 900 m long and spans the River Abra. The bridge comes as a great relief to the local people, as in the past they were restricted to using a ferry to cross the river, which saw its service interrupted during high water levels for safety reasons.