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Trade Mission to Pakistan

23. April 2012 - 26. April 2012

Dr. Wolfgang Penzias
00971-2-64 33 988

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The economy of Pakistan has always painted a divided picture. On one hand there is an economic and political frontier market with a fragile security situation and on the other hand there exists a strong and ambitious private sector with wealth. The latter has been steadily increasing its trade footprint with Austria despite the security issues in the country. The trade volume with Pakistan is estimated to have grown to the tune of 180 Mio € in 2011. The exports are estimated at approximately. 94 Mio €, +20% while the imports at approximately. 84 Mio. €, +31% which indicate dynamic growth.  

Facts to note:
· Pakistan will receive a kind of economic aid from the EU which means that the export of 75 products of textiles will be toll free for the next 3 years to the EU.
· Experts expect a growth of +3,9% due to the surplus of agriculture products.
· Pakistan is the 4th biggest textile producer of the world.
· The investment of machines and constructions are expected to grow (+2,4%) for the first time after the floods in 2010 and 2011.
· Pakistan itself will loosen the ties of toll restrictions with India until the end of 2012.

Pakistan’s economy is often under estimated, but the liberalization of trade with India and the toll freedom of Pakistani exports in the EU will set the base for steady economic growth. It would be absolutely integral to establish contacts and a network in Pakistan to take advantage of the opportunities available and that is the target of our Trade Mission to Pakistan from 23rd - 26th April 2012. The mission organized by the Austrian Trade Commission will focus on investment and industrial goods and sourcing in Pakistan. We have two high network programs running simultaneously to ensure that Austrian companies are provided with the platform they require to succeed.