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Functional sportswear from Austria scores success after success

13. June 2017

LÖFFLER has a long track record on the trend-driven sportswear market. Sales are up 7%.

Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, ski mountaineer, Nordic or mountain sports enthusiast, LÖFFLER’s clothes are responsibly made and top quality. All their products have the OEKO-TEX®-Standard 100 label, indicating fabrics that are free of pollutants and harmless to human health. The beating heart of the company is its in-house knitting mill, which produces 10,000m2 of fabrics every day; some 70% of the materials processed to make clothing are developed and manufactured here.

LÖFFLER plays in the top league when it comes to quality, and innovative products like transtex – a single- or two-ply breathable fabric for functional base layer garments – have been used to kit out the Austrian army and other big clients. Another innovation is a process called hotBond, whereby two fabrics are not sewn together but welded with ultrasound. This ensures the material remains as flexible and stretchy as possible, a quality that is particularly important to racing cyclists, for example.

The company is expanding – in the 2016/17 financial year, its 200 employees achieved a turnover of EUR 24.8 million, up 7% on the previous year. LÖFFLER manufactures a total of some 1.1 million items every year. Around 60% of this innovative, top-quality sportswear is exported – mainly to Germany – but also to Italy and Finland. The firm is particularly keen to strengthen its presence in Norway and Sweden.