Saudi Build/ Stone Tech 2018 Exhibition (Saudi Build)

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Saudi Arabia participates at the Saudi Build/ Stone Tech 2018 Exhibition (Saudi Build) from 22. to 25. 10.2018 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.

Saudi Build focusses on the Saudi sectors of construction materials, building, infrastructure projects and environmental technologies.

Austrian building and infrastructure technology is a particularly dynamic economic sector in Austria and already very well known in European and international markets for their highest quality. Key factors for the success of the Austrian building industry, urban construction and building technology are also constant innovation in products and methods, well trained staff and professionally managed brands.

This year ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Saudi Arabia participates at Saudi Build with an information stand introducing eleven Austrian companies with the following services:

  • AVK GmbH: Complete sports facilities equipment for Olympic Games and championships
  • Berolan GmbH Dry Mortar additives: Dry mortar additives
  • BILTON International GmbH: Flexible linear LED lighting
  • CariCo Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.: Formwork products
  • Eglo Leuchten GmbH:  Decorative home lighting
  • Fonatsch GmbH: Light poles with design, perfection and quality
  • KOERNER CHEMIEANLAGENBAU GESMBH: Pickling plants for the hot-dip galvanising industry
  • REBLOC GmbH: Safety barriers made of precast concrete elements
  • Redblocsystems GmbH: Turnkey, fully- / semi-automatic production lines for wall elements
  • SANO Transportgeraete GmbH: Electrically-driven LIFTKAR stairclimbers
  • Alfred Vesely Timber-Export e.U.: Export of spruce, fir and pine, mainly used for construction 

We invite you to visit the Austrian stand No. 212-4 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. The fair is open daily from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Meet 11 Austrian companies

    • Participating companies

  • AVK GmbH

    AVK GmbH has been successfully operating in complex equipping of sports facilities all over the world since 2009. 100+ full-sized sports facilities were equipped by AVK GmbH to date. AVK GmbH is capable to equip sport facilities of ALL possible types: stadiums for football and track-and-field, swimming pools, ...

  • Eglo Leuchten GmbH

    Eglo is one of the world's leading providers of decorative home lighting, produced in accordance with to the strict European standards, ENEC 60598. With its internationally oriented corporate structure EGLO distributes residential lighting to trading partners in all continents. Factories at numerous production sites, ...

  • Koerner Chemieanlagenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H.

    Koerner delivers turnkey galvanizing and steel pickling plants. The purpose of a galvanizing plant is to coat the steel constructions with a layer of zinc. Galvanized steel products are efficiently protected against corrosion for long time. All steel products with galvanized surfaces have a much longer life cycle ...


    REBLOC develops, produces and markets modern precast concrete vehicle restraint systems to enhance road safety worldwide.

  • Redblocsystems GmbH

    Redblocsystems offers a highly profitable precast system that pays for itself within a very short time. The high-quality prefabricated panels can be efficiently and economically made from ceramic bricks, silica blocks, aerated concrete blocks (ACC-blocks), concrete blocks and other mineral building materials.

  • Sano Transportgeraete GmbH

    SANO Transportgeraete GmbH develops, produces and distributes electrically-driven LIFTKAR stairclimbers and powered tracked LIFTKAR PTR stairclimbers worldwide. Cargo as well as persons can be transported ergonomically on paths and stairs with the help of these portable transport devices. The operator-driven ...