Austria is making a global splash with its smart factories and plant engineering

Austrian plant engineers and automation specialists are supplying the global market with innovative bespoke solutions of the highest quality.

© Gong Hangxu Getty Images
© Gong Hangxu Getty Images

International clients certainly appreciate the excellence and expertise of Austrian plant engineering and it is little wonder, as they are getting a first-class service, from project design, engineering and installation to the delivery of complete, key-ready facilities.

Austrian companies in the plant construction/smart factory sector provide support for clients around the world, and customer proximity is a big plus when exporting expertise-heavy services and facilities. Other factors in their success include highly trained staff, intensive R&D programmes, considerable skills in the digitalisation of entire production processes, and particular expertise in Industry 4.0 solutions.

Austria’s plant engineers have a wealth of knowledge and are not only modernising important manufacturing sectors such as the automobile, textile, foodstuffs and aviation industries, but also driving up modernisation in other fields, e.g. in the metal, plastic and mining industries, or for boilers, motors, turbines and HVAC systems.

They are also widely involved in the smart factory sector, working in everything from additive manufacturing and electronics to security & safety. Austrian consulting and electronics companies are also engaging with topics such as automation and Industry 4.0 and are now considered some of the best.

 Austria may be the home of established international technology concerns, but it also boasts plenty of startups and ‘hidden champions’, who can compete with the major players in this sector.

With its 136,000 employees and an output valued at almost EUR 40 billion, the machinery and metal goods industry is Austria’s largest industrial employer and boasts an export ratio of 81%.

More information about the top players, along with some tips and suggestions about future collaborations, is available from the current edition of our publication FRESH VIEW: FRESH VIEW on Smart Factory, NO 170 (PDF, 16.6MB)