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Interview WITH Anders Sarbäcken, KTM SCANDINAVIA

19. May 2017

Austrian KTM has produced motor bicycles since 1953 and is one of the biggest players within motorsports. The company produces 200.000 motorbikes per year, whereof 6000 are sold in Scandinavia. The director general for KTM Scandinavia, Anders Sarbäcken, was kind enough taking the time to answer some questions about his company and motorsports:

Is there a difference between the Swedish and Austrian driving styles and if so, in what way?

Sweden is very suited for motor sports - especially off-road riding and endure riding in the woods – due to its vast size and its nature. Austria on the other side offers amazing road tours in unbeatable surroundings.


Which is Sweden’s best race-track?

The track in Karlskoga ?)  is a hot tip amongst motorcyclists. For off road riding I would recommend the track in Uddevalla where even the World Cup is held.


Which is Austria’s best race-track?

The Red Bull track in Spielberg in Styria.


Do you have any exiting product or project on-going right now?

KTM is for the first time participating in the MotorGP, a competition that is described as motorcycling’s Formula 1!


What do you enjoy doing in Austria?

I am in Austria 6 times a year with my work. When I am off work I enjoy skiing a lot. Salzburg is my favorite spot, I have to say! A city that not all Swedes have spotted yet. And then I have to confess my favorite food: Schnitzel!